Zine Feature: “a parallel universe” by Chris Moody

Zine Feature: “a parallel universe” by Chris Moody

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Chris Moody recently shared his newest zine, “a parallel universe“, with us. Self described as a “series of images tied and intricately placed together to indicate this life and all of its parallels”, the zine follows this idea in a simple design that allows the photos to speak for themselves. Images range from landscapes, to urban scenes, but a focus on fauna and nature seem prevalent throughout. Besides instances of similar content matter, parallels start to from through the images use of color, form, and even mood, creating a nice little experience that warrants repeat visits. You can pick up a copy of the zine here, and make sure to check out Moody’s website as well.


Feature: Alishia Farnan

Feature: Alishia Farnan

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I was in Scotland once & we had baked potatoes for dinner. The promoter of the show got them for us, he walked in with a tray of 14 baked potatoes, all with different toppings. None of us were really sure how to eat them, or if we shared, or what you did when the toppings ran out. This story has very little to do with Alishia Farnan other than she lives in Scotland & her photographs tell better stories than I do. Please proceed for proof. fts Geordie Land fts Leafy Dreams fts Ham Sandwich fts Ham Sandwich fts Ham Sandwich fts Jelly Doughnut fts Jelly Doughnut   Please find more of Alishia Farnan’s work on her website.  

Feature: Erich Brumback

Feature: Erich Brumback

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Today we bring you the photographic work of Erich Brumback, currently creative writing student living in Virginia.

“The majority of these photographs were taken on slide film. I tend to associate the higher saturation and more narrow exposure latitude of this kind of film with the emotional intensity and specificity of memory. Our experiences become memories only with distance. Something we saw or heard someone say will stick with us, and the rest falls away as we move further along from the event. I’ve always found quieter moments to be the ones that stick with me most easily, lulls in conversation or wandering to places that gave me some sense of peace. These photographs are intended to convey those kinds of moments and to offer the viewer some of the same reflection and clarity I get from them.”

Please fine more of Erich Brumback’s work on his website.

Feature: “-blue” by Brett Davis

Feature: “-blue” by Brett Davis

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fts -blue

Petty Thieves alumni and good friend, Brett Davis, recently sent us a new body of work titled -blue.  Here’s what he had to say about it:

-blue is an ongoing street series which draws inspiration from the are, bure, boke style championed by Provoke photographers Yutaka Takanashi, Takuma Nakahira, and Daido Moriyama. It is the first series in a larger exploration of Japanese photography. The name, -blue, comes from the bright blue color of the cross processed negative.

We’re really liking the direction this series is headed and below is just a small edit of what Davis sent over. Please check out more of Davis’ work here, and stay tuned for information about his upcoming Empty Stretch publication, Dai Kinchö!

fts -blue fts -blue fts -blue fts -blue fts -blue fts -blue fts -blue

Interview: Charalampos Kydonakis aka “dirty harrry”

Interview: Charalampos Kydonakis aka “dirty harrry”

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Charalampos Kydonakis aka "dirty harrry"
Over the past few years I have been following the moniker “dirty harrry” on Flickr, and have always been curious about just who this person was. That’s why I was thrilled when we got an email from Charalampos Kydonakis aka “dirty harrry” sharing his work with us. Check out the interview below and start following this photo machine immediately.

Empty Stretch: What’s your current location & favorite place to photograph?

Charalampos Kydonakis: I’m living in Rethymnon, Crete. I don’t know if it’s my favourite place to photograph, but my favourite photos have been shot here

Charalampos Kydonakis aka "dirty harrry"
ES: Your aesthetic crosses many styles, what is your background with photography and is there a certain subject matter you prefer shooting?

CK: I started photographing when I was a student of architecture, so the first ten years I was shooting only architectural stuff. After I saw some masters’ work I focused more on people. Now I don’t have a certain preference, every subject seems challenging to me.

Charalampos Kydonakis aka "dirty harrry"
ES: Your photographs seem to allude to a painterly style, is this an influence to your work? What are some of your biggest photography and non-photography influences?

CK: There were many lessons of history of architecture and history of art in my university faculty. All these lessons helped me to understand something about how a thought can be expressed and formed visually in 2 or 3 dimensions. I don’t know if history of architecture and art has influenced my photos , I guess not, maybe subconsciously, but not by intention. I started to view photos of great photographers about 6 years before, when I started to photograph people. Some genius minds that I pray under their visions are:

  • Directors: Sam Peckinpah, Akira Kurosawa, Luis Buñuel.
  • Writers: Nikos Kazantzakis
  • Painting: El Greco, Francisco de Goya, Max Ernst , Paul Klee.
  • Architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright, Vladimir Tatlin.
  • Music: Ástor Piazzolla, Ennio Morricone, Vicente Amigo, Stelios Foustalieris.

I ‘m inspired a lot by my people, other times by strangers, unimportant things, and other times, I’ve just drunk much and I shoot whatever is in front of me.

ES: What is the source of dirty harrry?

CK: harrry : a shortcut of my first name (Charalampos) in greek. dirty : my photos. My nickname doesn’t refer to the Callahan cop, I prefer Clint Eastwood in his western films rather than the Cop role, I don’t like cops.

Charalampos Kydonakis aka "dirty harrry"

ES: You group your images with interesting titles, what is your process for sequencing, are they shot at the same time or do you group them later?

CK: Initially, some years before, I didn’t have any project in mind, I just  took the camera and went out to shoot. After some years, I started to gather photos from specific subjects, I realized I had to somehow to group my photos so that I could see what it was that I was trying to shoot, and then focus on it. Still after all this grouping I don’t know what I’m shooting exactly. The projects change, a lot of old stuff is deleted and new photos get in the existing sets; sets get deleted and new ones emerge. Sequencing is a never-ending process.

Charalampos Kydonakis aka "dirty harrry"
ES: How many projects do you have going on in your head at one time?

CK: Most times I’m confused and there are many thoughts spinning around my head. I have in the background of my mind these existing projects and there are times I see things that could fit somewhere. Other times, I go out trying to shoot something specific to develop an idea. Many times though I simply have an enormous vacuum in my mind and shoot without thinking.

ES: What is photography for you on a daily basis?

CK: Probably two things:

  • Shooting my own stuff and editing them some weeks afterwards.
  • Looking at other people’s work and editing my blog with work that I find inspiring.

ES: If could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

CK: I wouldn’t like to have to dinner, cause we would eat and we wouldn’t talk much. But I’d like to get drunk one night with Nikos Kazantzakis or Sam Peckinpah or any of the people I love and are away from me.

Please check out more of Kydonakis’ work on his website and flickr.

Review: “Somewhere Else” by Stephanie Noritz

Review: “Somewhere Else” by Stephanie Noritz

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Always moving, never stopping. Words I hope to soon live and breathe by but for the time being, I’ve been living vicariously through works that speak to this notion. Stephanie Noritz’s self-published photobook “Somewhere Else” was the trip I didn’t know I was looking for. With simple yet elegant photographs, mixed with smart pacing, and book design,  Noritz presents a self-published gem to help you get through that daily grind until you too can hit the open road.

Stephanie Noritz "Somewhere Else"

The book is heavily landscaped based, and while people do make a regular appearance, the scenery and singular compositions are what move this trip along. Each scene looking similar to the next, yet different enough to keep the viewer engaged, help fit the name of the book, “Somewhere Else.” The place ultimately matters little in this trip, as the importance of being “here” is outweighed by the importance of being “there.” This universality of the images also pushes the viewer for repeat visits, and encourages the idea of not necessarily starting from the traditional beginning of the book, but rather forming their own journey through the work.

Stephanie Noritz "Somewhere Else"

Stephanie Noritz "Somewhere Else"

This photobook is a good example of how things can come together when you allow for the images and design to speak for themselves. Instead of relying on bells and whistles to gain the attention of the viewer, small things like attention to printing, sequencing, and holding back from giving too much information to the viewer, made this book. This isn’t your great aunt’s vacation photos, and they may even be unlike any trip you’ve taken before, but you’ll be hard pressed not to find something that catches your attention and keeps bringing you back to this book.

Stephanie Noritz "Somewhere Else"

Please check out more of Stephanie Noritz’s work here and be sure to pick up a copy of  “Somewhere Else” here, before they’re gone.

Feature: Matthew Swarts

Feature: Matthew Swarts

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If you’ve been following us for a bit now, you’ve probably heard Matthew Swarts‘ name before. His work has been featured on here before as well as almost everything we’ve done over the past year, including Petty Thieves Four. His photographs have an eery painterly quality and leave the viewer asking questions, rather than leaving with any answers. He recently sent us over some of his new work and it picks up where the rest of his work left off. 

In his own words

“Soon after I moved to Somerville, Massachusetts in 2002, I began to gut renovate the living unit of my old two family house. When I (literally) took apart my house, I began to re-imagine the narrative of this particular space.

I have recently begun to try to photograph what I love about the feel of Somerville’s side streets, the interstitial relationships between large old houses, and, in particular, a certain quality of this city’s light. 

These images are just evolving, and I expect to work on this project for some time, but I feel quite clearly that these photographs are a new attempt to touch how it has felt to become part of a place, and yet, to not really be a part of it at all.”

fts City of Concern

fts City of Concern

fts City of Concern

fts City of Concern

Please see the rest of the images here. 

Petty Thieves Four Zine Announcement

Petty Thieves Four Zine Announcement

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Petty Thieves Four

Happy New Year everyone! It seems 2014 is already going to be a good one and we’re thrilled to keep this train moving with the announcement of who will be included within our newest Petty Thieves project – Petty Thieves Four: Coast to Coast. Check out the artists and their work below:

Dale Rothenberg, Amber Carter, Aaron Canipe, Uliana Bazar, Michel Nguie, Sam Stockman, Jason Rusnock, Matthew Mili, Arista Slater-Sandoval, Pommelien Koolen, Adam Revington, Fiona Palmer, Jordan Swartz, Michael Ast, Maria Windschüttel, Jon Stars, Brittany Marcoux, Tammy Mercure, Emilia Olsen, Chris Berntsen, Dave Driscoll, Marco Micceri, Steven Turville, Julie van der Vaart, Jani Zubkovs, Emmanuel Rosario, Rosaline Shahnavaz, Brian McswainIsabelle Evertse, Piotr Sokul, Nathaniel Grann, Julianne Popa, Aoife O’DwyerV. H. Hammer, Chris Suspect, Frank Hallam Day, David Collier, Ian C. Bates, Byron Barrett, Matthew Swarts, Ahmer Inam, and Brendan Megannety.

Special thanks to everyone who submitted their work for this one, and please keep an eye out for pre-order information and a possible projection show featuring a wider edit of the Coast to Coast submissions in the near future.

In other news, Petty Thieves Number Three was selected by Larissa Leclair, founder of The Indie Photobook Library, as one of her favorite photobooks of 2013 for Photo-Eye’s annual end of the year lists! Still hard to believe that one, but we know we couldn’t have done it without all of the support thrown our way over the past few years. So thanks again and we promise for a ton more good times in the coming months.

Petty Thieves Three Projection Announcement

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Empty Stretch is very excited to announce the photographers who will be a part of the Petty Thieves Three projection, showing for the first time this Friday, November 8, 2013 at the Petworth Citizen + Reading Room {829 Upshur ST. NW} between  8 – 11pm in collaboration with the awesome folks at Furthermore. You can find out more information about the event by checking out the official Facebook event here.

For those of you not familiar with Petty Thieves, it is our ongoing curation project centered around collaboration and presenting photographs within new and interesting contexts. Petty Thieves Three is the end product of an open call submission, and has now been edited into a projection presentation and an accompanying zine {Purchase here}. We can’t say it enough, please make sure to check out all of the awesome work these talented people are making and thank you again to everyone who submitted. We hope to continue this series, sooner rather than later.

Featured photographers: Aaron Canipe, Adam Malantonio, Adam Robinson, Adrian Celmer, Aimée Pijpers, Alan Hunter, Alanna Yao, Alexi Hobbs, Ali Bosworth, Allison Barnes, Amanda Kleinman, Amanda Newman, Amber Carter, Amy Elkins, Andreas Mass, Andrew Ireland, Andrew Marino, Andrew Querner, Angela Blumen, Anne Erhard, Anthony Gerace, Aria Maisey, Audree Anid, Ava Alamshah, Barrett Emke, Becky Harlan, Ben Clement, Ben Huff, Bethany Barton, Blaise Chatelain, Brad Westcott, Brett Davis, Brittany Marcoux, Caitlin Moore, Carine Wallauer, Caroline Lacey, Carol Burri, Carson Davis Brown, Catherine Lemblé, Catho de Rore, Celeste Ortiz, Champneys Taylor, Charlotte Strode, ChihHsien Chen, Chris Berntsen, Chris Farling, Christine Tharp, Clary Estes, Clemens Fantur, Colin Aherne, Colin Loughlin, Colin Smith, Colin Sussingham, Coral McRyhew, Chris Cunningham, Cynthia Connolly, Dale Rothenberg, Daniel Shea, Danielle Scruggs, David Spence, Dawn Whitmore, Deana Kolencikova, Derek Henderson, Dhanainun Dhanarachwattana, Ding Ren, E. Brady Robinson, Eleanor Barba, Elena Montemurro, Elisabetta Scalvini, Elise Boularan, Elizabeth Moran, Ernesto Somoza, Esben Bøg-Jensen, Ethan Browning, Evelin Saul, Fábio Miguel Roque, Ginevra Shay, Guy Archard, Hai Phung Tran, Halle Chapman-Tayler, Hannah Herzberg, Hannah Kuo, Heather Iris Galt-Mcloughlin, Hollis Bennett, Inga Schunn, IPG Project, Isabelle Evertse, Jack Ashley, Jacob Fogel, Jaclyn Brown, Jamie Hladky, Jared Ragland, Jason Hanasik, Jayme McLellan, Jedd Cooney, Jerry Skiscim, Jesse Sarkis, Jessica Braun, Joan Oh, Joe Leavenworth, Johab Silva, John Edmonds, John O’Toole, Jon-Phillip Sheridan, Jonathan Brown, Jonathan McNeil, Jordan Baumgarten, Jordan Sullivan, Jordan Swartz, Josh Anderson, Juan Madrid, Judy Ruzylo, Julia Clouser, Julia Knoll, Julie van der Vaart, Juliette Guadino, Jurate Gacionyte, Justin Gellerson, Justine Tobiasz, Justine Dupuy, Juuso Haarala, K. Eleanor Bleier, Kaitlin Jencso, Kamil I, Karen Weber, Katherine Squier, Katie Currid, Katja Kremenić, Kristy Carpenter, Ken Ashton, Kevin Tadge, Kimberly Benavides, Kristoffer Tripplaar, Kuba Ryniewicz, Kyle Seis, LaRae’ Fischer, Lasse Dearman, Laura Pannack, Lauren Brown, Lauren Schneiderman,Lauren Zaser, Leanne Surfleet, Lee Clackson, Lee Cuyler, Levi Mandel, Libi Rose Striegl, Lloyd Stubber, Lluís Tudela, Loes van Iperen, Lois Shupp, Lotte Reimann, Michael Wriston, Mads Greve, Margaret Holland Adams, Maria Kazvan, Maria Windschüttel, Marina Kinski, Mariya Ustymenko, Mark Harley, Mark Regester, Mark Strandquist, Marton Gosztonyi, Matthew Borowick, Matt Propert, Matt Rose, Matthew Nighswander, Matthew Swarts, Matthew Mili, Matt Lief Anderson, Maureen Drennan, Maxwell Anderson, Maycec, McNair Evans, Melissa Butler, Michael Ast, Michal Brezinksy, Michela Palermo, Miranda Barnes, Missy Prince, Nabeela Vega, Nancy Breslin, Natalie Zervou – Jack Kerruish, Nathan Pearce, Nathaniel Grann, Nic Persinger, Nikoleta Marković, Nick Kirkpatrick, Noah Vaughn, Noritaka Minami, Paige Townsley, Patrick Joust, Paul D’Amato, Paul John Nelson, Paul Bothwell, Paulette Waltz, Paulina Metzscher, Peter Currie, Peter Hoffman, Phil Jackson, Rachel Wolfe, Radu Lungu, Rebecca Perriello, Rebekah Purcell, Renee Regan, Richard Ramirez Jr., Robert Wiemann, Robert Rutoed, Robin Schwartz, Rocio Perna, Roma Moskalenko, Rosaline Shahnavaz, Rudy Ramos, Ryan Florig, Ryan Oskin, Rytis Gervickas, Sam Block, Sam Clifford-Harding, Santi García, Sarah Cartron, Sara J. Winston, Sara Zanella, Sarah Moore, Sarah Mitrani, Sarah Thomas, Sara Wright, Sebastian Forkarth, Sergej Vutuc, Shan Rixon, Shelly Silva, Simon Vahala, Sofie van Dam, Sophie Göst, Stephanie Hardy, Stephanie Noritz, Stephanie Mill, Stephen Harper, Tammy Mercure, Tara Wray, Taylor Pittman, Thomas Lau, Thomas Bouquin, Timothy Briner, Tommy Nease, Traci Marie Lee, Trevor Powers, Tristan Hutchinson, Uliana Bazar, Veronica Melendez, Violet Forest, Virginia Hammer, Vsevolod Khomenko, William Lloyd Powell III.

New Book: “Burnish” by Isabelle Evertse

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20130629_WashingtonDC_0094 Empty Stretch is very excited to introduce our newest photobook, Burnish by Isabelle Evertse. It has been a real pleasure working alongside Evertse in the creation of this book and we can’t wait to share it with you all. Check out more about the book below and enjoy!

by Isabelle Evertse
48 pages, saddle stitch
edition of 100
printer: Conveyor Arts
Purchase Here – View Full Series Here

Burnish (bûrnsh) tr.v. burnished, burnishing, burnishes
1. To make smooth or glossy by rubbing; polish.
n. A smooth glossy finish or appearance; luster.

Burnish is a record of a girl and her father, of the words that might or might not have been said, and the intrepid expectations of how things should have been. Letters that once were cherished and loathed, have now yellowed with time as the rough slowly becomes smooth. Quiet gentle whispers build as a girl tries to connect with someone who is both here and not.

flower mail-isabelle evertseArtist Bio
Isabelle Evertse (b.  Cape Town, South Africa) She emigrated to France with her family and her education was shared between French and English schools. She pursued a BFA at the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Toulouse in 2007. Thus she discovered her passion for photography and entered the National Photography School of Arles obtaining her Masters in 2010. She has since then accomplished internships with the Magnum Photo agencies in London (2008) and New York (2009). Photography has become essential in her everyday life. Through the aesthetics of a still image, her primary goal is to combine the vividness of her imagination and the beauty that lies in everyday life. Her work revolves around her country of birth (South Africa) where her soul resides and her country of adoption (France) where her future lies. Immensely attracted to travelling the world, her projects are inspired by foreign cultures and her numerous journeys. She founded and created piK magazine, dedicated to promoting photographers worldwide in March 2012.