2014 New York Art Book Fair

2014 New York Art Book Fair

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It’s hard to believe it’s already that time of year again, but the New York Art Book Fair is this coming weekend and we hope you can swing by the Small Press Dome and say hello. Check out below for more information about the three publications we’ll be releasing at this fair as well as information about the Petty Thieves Five release party tomorrow night in Brooklyn – FB event information here!

“Canals” by Keith Lane
Keith Lane is a Washington, D.C. based photojournalist who we were lucky to have met at the 2013 D.C. Fotoweek Festival. Lane, providing a wide range of expertise and precession within his images, brought to us a series of Polaroids taken while covering the Arab Spring events within Cairo, Egypt. “Canals” provides a unique perspective into the life blood of Cairo,  the Nile river, and shows a quiet reflection of his own time covering the events but also how life must go on despite what is happening within ones daily life. This 11 x 17in, 20 page newsprint publication comes within a screen-printed archival envelope, and features a short verse of text by photographer, Laura El-Tantawy. Pre-order the publication here, or swing by the fair and pick up a copy in person. (All orders will start shipping after October 9, 2014)

Dai Kinchö” by Brett Davis
We recently featured Brett Davis on the blog, and we are now proud to announce the release of his newest booklet, “Dai Kinchö.”  This series takes us into the life of a young Japanese woman as she starts to figure out her own self and sexuality. Davis, using an interesting technique to create his images and pulling from a wide source of Japanese influences, constructs a tale that is both explicit and soft-spoken about the troubles of finding ones own sexuality within a culture that isn’t ready to address it themselves. This 40 page, 7 x 10in saddle stitched newsprint booklet will first be available at the NY Art Book Fair, and Davis will be conducting a signing as well during the fair. If you can’t make the fair, you can order one online as well here, all orders will start shipping after October 9, 2014.

Petty Thieves Five” featuring photographs from Victoria Crayhon, Patrick Barnes, James Whiting, Michael Ast, Josh Loeser, Eleanor Bleier, Jaclyn Wright, Alex Nelson, Sarah Katherine Moore, Justine Tobiasz, Matt Nighswander, Brett Gundlock, Tristan Wheelock, Phil Jackson, William Douglas, Nathaniel Grann, Chris Gregory, Nathan Pearce, Becky Harlan, Nick Wilkinson, Sara J. Winston, Nic Persinger, Thomas Pearson, Hannele Lahti, Carla Rodriguez, Matthew Crowther, Matthew Conboy, Caitlin Carr, Lauren Wansker, Paul Bothwell, Jordan Swartz, Shane Terry, and Taylor Galloway.

It’s hard to believe that this is the fifth installment of Petty Thieves. This one may even be the best yet, featuring a ton of awesome photographers from around the world, as well as plenty of new faces to the Petty Thieves game. The official launch party is tomorrow night – 867 Broadway, Brooklyn / 6:30 – 9:30pm – which will feature a projection of a wider edit of the work as well as the images that made it within this issue. This also happens to be the last event of the Empty Stretch takes-over NYC series at Hell & Gone Gallery, founded by our buddy Chris Berntsen, so make sure to swing by and say hello. Pre-order the publication here, or get one at the fair.

Oranbeg NET 5

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Oranbeg Press, an awesome independent publisher based between Boston and Brooklyn, is currently doing a call out for the fifth installment of their NET series. For those who don’t know, Oranbeg Net is a series of online group exhibitions hosted by Oranbeg Press, that features different themes and curators that always results in unique and visually charged exhibitions. Empty Stretch was thrilled to be asked to curate the fourth NET series titled, I Fear For My Safety, which you can check out here, and we’re just as excited for the newest endeavor titled, Bastards, curated by Colin Todd and Michael Vahrenwald. Check out the prompt and guidelines below.

Prompt: Send us your bastards, your immaculate receptions, your autonomous…

(please respond to the image)

Submissions due April 25th, 2014 at midnight.
Please submit to Oranbegpress@gmail.com up to 5 images for consideration (sRGB, JPG, 2000 pixels). Send as a ZIP file. Also please include: Title, Series (if relevant) and your web url.


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Papersafe Issue #01: “Sage” / March 2014 / Edition of 75

Papersafe is the newest curatorial and publication project of long time favorite, Trevor Powers and CatLABS. Their first issue titled “Sage” was a two-part publication featuring a 44 page softcover book with photographs by Adam Neese and Erin Shipley, and writings by Alex Sinclair and Carl Gunhouse that also came with a small 24 page zine insert featuring 28 photographers. This gem is already sold out after a successful kickstarter campaign, but they’re already working on their second issue titled “Keepers of the Dark,” which invites all current and former lab techs, studio, equipment, or darkroom managers and staff  to enter. We have a good feeling about this one, so check out their submission guidelines below and make sure to enter before the deadline; April 30th!

Keepers of the Dark: For it’s second issue, Papersafe is seeking film-based photographic work created by lab techs, studio, equipment, or darkroom managers and staff – past and present – whether at a university, community darkroom, commercial studio, or your local photo lab.

The deadline for submissions is April 30th, 2014 at midnight. There is no subject, style, or theme restrictions.

Image and submission specifications:
Submit up to 10 images
JPEG format, 2000px on the short side, at 300dpi
Label the files with your name and numeration (Example: firstname_lastname_01.jpg)
Send in a ZIP folder or via wetransfer.com to papersafe@catlabs.info

In the email be sure to include:
Image titles, statement (if applicable), website url, and short bio
Answers to the following questions:
1. Where do/did you work?
2. How has your time there informed, influenced or shifted your own practice?

Petty Thieves Three Projection Announcement

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Empty Stretch is very excited to announce the photographers who will be a part of the Petty Thieves Three projection, showing for the first time this Friday, November 8, 2013 at the Petworth Citizen + Reading Room {829 Upshur ST. NW} between  8 – 11pm in collaboration with the awesome folks at Furthermore. You can find out more information about the event by checking out the official Facebook event here.

For those of you not familiar with Petty Thieves, it is our ongoing curation project centered around collaboration and presenting photographs within new and interesting contexts. Petty Thieves Three is the end product of an open call submission, and has now been edited into a projection presentation and an accompanying zine {Purchase here}. We can’t say it enough, please make sure to check out all of the awesome work these talented people are making and thank you again to everyone who submitted. We hope to continue this series, sooner rather than later.

Featured photographers: Aaron Canipe, Adam Malantonio, Adam Robinson, Adrian Celmer, Aimée Pijpers, Alan Hunter, Alanna Yao, Alexi Hobbs, Ali Bosworth, Allison Barnes, Amanda Kleinman, Amanda Newman, Amber Carter, Amy Elkins, Andreas Mass, Andrew Ireland, Andrew Marino, Andrew Querner, Angela Blumen, Anne Erhard, Anthony Gerace, Aria Maisey, Audree Anid, Ava Alamshah, Barrett Emke, Becky Harlan, Ben Clement, Ben Huff, Bethany Barton, Blaise Chatelain, Brad Westcott, Brett Davis, Brittany Marcoux, Caitlin Moore, Carine Wallauer, Caroline Lacey, Carol Burri, Carson Davis Brown, Catherine Lemblé, Catho de Rore, Celeste Ortiz, Champneys Taylor, Charlotte Strode, ChihHsien Chen, Chris Berntsen, Chris Farling, Christine Tharp, Clary Estes, Clemens Fantur, Colin Aherne, Colin Loughlin, Colin Smith, Colin Sussingham, Coral McRyhew, Chris Cunningham, Cynthia Connolly, Dale Rothenberg, Daniel Shea, Danielle Scruggs, David Spence, Dawn Whitmore, Deana Kolencikova, Derek Henderson, Dhanainun Dhanarachwattana, Ding Ren, E. Brady Robinson, Eleanor Barba, Elena Montemurro, Elisabetta Scalvini, Elise Boularan, Elizabeth Moran, Ernesto Somoza, Esben Bøg-Jensen, Ethan Browning, Evelin Saul, Fábio Miguel Roque, Ginevra Shay, Guy Archard, Hai Phung Tran, Halle Chapman-Tayler, Hannah Herzberg, Hannah Kuo, Heather Iris Galt-Mcloughlin, Hollis Bennett, Inga Schunn, IPG Project, Isabelle Evertse, Jack Ashley, Jacob Fogel, Jaclyn Brown, Jamie Hladky, Jared Ragland, Jason Hanasik, Jayme McLellan, Jedd Cooney, Jerry Skiscim, Jesse Sarkis, Jessica Braun, Joan Oh, Joe Leavenworth, Johab Silva, John Edmonds, John O’Toole, Jon-Phillip Sheridan, Jonathan Brown, Jonathan McNeil, Jordan Baumgarten, Jordan Sullivan, Jordan Swartz, Josh Anderson, Juan Madrid, Judy Ruzylo, Julia Clouser, Julia Knoll, Julie van der Vaart, Juliette Guadino, Jurate Gacionyte, Justin Gellerson, Justine Tobiasz, Justine Dupuy, Juuso Haarala, K. Eleanor Bleier, Kaitlin Jencso, Kamil I, Karen Weber, Katherine Squier, Katie Currid, Katja Kremenić, Kristy Carpenter, Ken Ashton, Kevin Tadge, Kimberly Benavides, Kristoffer Tripplaar, Kuba Ryniewicz, Kyle Seis, LaRae’ Fischer, Lasse Dearman, Laura Pannack, Lauren Brown, Lauren Schneiderman,Lauren Zaser, Leanne Surfleet, Lee Clackson, Lee Cuyler, Levi Mandel, Libi Rose Striegl, Lloyd Stubber, Lluís Tudela, Loes van Iperen, Lois Shupp, Lotte Reimann, Michael Wriston, Mads Greve, Margaret Holland Adams, Maria Kazvan, Maria Windschüttel, Marina Kinski, Mariya Ustymenko, Mark Harley, Mark Regester, Mark Strandquist, Marton Gosztonyi, Matthew Borowick, Matt Propert, Matt Rose, Matthew Nighswander, Matthew Swarts, Matthew Mili, Matt Lief Anderson, Maureen Drennan, Maxwell Anderson, Maycec, McNair Evans, Melissa Butler, Michael Ast, Michal Brezinksy, Michela Palermo, Miranda Barnes, Missy Prince, Nabeela Vega, Nancy Breslin, Natalie Zervou – Jack Kerruish, Nathan Pearce, Nathaniel Grann, Nic Persinger, Nikoleta Marković, Nick Kirkpatrick, Noah Vaughn, Noritaka Minami, Paige Townsley, Patrick Joust, Paul D’Amato, Paul John Nelson, Paul Bothwell, Paulette Waltz, Paulina Metzscher, Peter Currie, Peter Hoffman, Phil Jackson, Rachel Wolfe, Radu Lungu, Rebecca Perriello, Rebekah Purcell, Renee Regan, Richard Ramirez Jr., Robert Wiemann, Robert Rutoed, Robin Schwartz, Rocio Perna, Roma Moskalenko, Rosaline Shahnavaz, Rudy Ramos, Ryan Florig, Ryan Oskin, Rytis Gervickas, Sam Block, Sam Clifford-Harding, Santi García, Sarah Cartron, Sara J. Winston, Sara Zanella, Sarah Moore, Sarah Mitrani, Sarah Thomas, Sara Wright, Sebastian Forkarth, Sergej Vutuc, Shan Rixon, Shelly Silva, Simon Vahala, Sofie van Dam, Sophie Göst, Stephanie Hardy, Stephanie Noritz, Stephanie Mill, Stephen Harper, Tammy Mercure, Tara Wray, Taylor Pittman, Thomas Lau, Thomas Bouquin, Timothy Briner, Tommy Nease, Traci Marie Lee, Trevor Powers, Tristan Hutchinson, Uliana Bazar, Veronica Melendez, Violet Forest, Virginia Hammer, Vsevolod Khomenko, William Lloyd Powell III.

Petty Thieves Number Three Zine + Release Party!

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Guess what just arrived?!? Petty Thieves Number Three!! It looks beautiful and the awesome work within it, is still driving us crazy. Thank you to everyone who submitted and for those who haven’t yet, you got until tomorrow to send us something for the projection party! Check out the specs below:

Petty Thieves Number Three
Various Artist
96 pages, saddle stitch, 6x9in
edition of 100
printer: SmartPress
BUY ME – 18USD + S/H

Featuring: Patrick JoustPeter CurriePhil JacksonSofie van DamJacob FogelLaura PannackMcNair EvansJosh AndersonCarine WallauerJustine TobiaszRosaline ShahnavazJason HanasikMaureen DrennanLloyd StubberMads GreveBen HuffAimee PijpersLibi Rose StrieglMichela PalermoRichard Ramirez Jr.Aaron CanipeE. Brady RobinsonIPG ProjectStephanie MillElizabeth MoranChihHsien ChenJordan SullivanMelissa ButlerMichal BrezinskyJordan SwartzHalle Chapman-TaylerBarrett EmkeBrad WestcottAlan HunterMargaret Holland AdamsDerek HendersonJuan MadridKatherine SquierMatt Lief AndersonEsben Bøg-JensenHannah KuoTrevor PowersBrett DavisDaniel SheaNathaniel GrannAnthony GeraceCécile MayotCarson Davis BrownTammy MercureMariya UstymenkoK. Eleanor BleierMark StrandquistHeather Iris Galt-McloughlinNic PersingerBlaise ChatelainPaul John NelsonJared RaglandChris BerntsenJordan BaumgartenKevin TadgeKristoffer Tripplaar

PT3_Postcard3Speaking of the projection party, a dual photographic projection and release party for Petty Thieves Number Three will be hosted in collaboration with Furthermore at the Petworth Citizen + Reading Room {829 Upshur Street NW, Washington, D.C.} on November 8, 2013, starting at 8pm. It’s all ages, no cover, full bar and food available, and a guaranteed fun time. Check out the FB event here.

Call for submissions!

Events, Projects in Progress

Good news everyone! We are teaming up with the awesome folks at Furthermore for a one night photo projection on November 7, 2013 in Washington, D.C.. All subject matter, styles, and formats of photography are welcomed and we will even be creating a new Petty Thieves zine to be released at the event. Send us up to two high-resolution images to emptystretch@gmail.com, along with a bit of information about yourself, and whether or not you’d like your images to be considered for the zine. You can submit even more images through our Flickr group, Petty Thieves, which will also be a source for the event.

DEADLINE: October 31 {October 20 for zine consideration}

We look forward to seeing what everyone submits and if you have any questions or concerns, please email those along with your submission. Spread the word and stay beautiful!

– E.S.

SlowExposures 2012

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Celebrating its 10th year, the SlowExposures juried exhibition promotes fine photography about the rural, southern United States. I was fortunate enough to be included in this year’s show and even more fortunate to travel down to Concord, Georgia where I got to see the work and meet some of the artists. It’s one thing to see images online and a whole other experience to see prints in person and get engaged with the work. I was in good company last weekend for the opening reception and juror’s talk and it didn’t hurt either to be in a part of Georgia that felt so far away from home, yet felt like I never left piedmont North Carolina. What SlowExposures is doing is really important for the community in Georgia and the work I saw is equally important in the larger discussion of photography. Here are some of SlowExposures 2012’s greatest hits. Congrats to all that were in the show!

Hollis Bennett
Meryl Truett
Joanna Knox Yoder
Joe Leavenworth
Beth Lilly
Cynthia Henebry
Kate Elizabeth Fowler
McNair Evans

Never Say Die

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I don’t know when it hit me, but I am glad it did. Somewhere in southern Ohio a plan was hatched to make it to Chicago & hitch a ride back east & luckily for me I had time to think about this plan & how much I hated it. It may have been the drunk text that read “Goonies Never Say Die,” the whiskey conversations, or the thought of friends on the left coast, but I am doing this. I’m all in at this point, eyes toward the westward sky, legs pumping away. I want you to be able to follow me, so I am offering a postcard sale. Roughly every 3 days I will be sending out a batch of postcards of photos of my trip so far, with stories or poems on the reverse. They will be 2 dollars each & are available here in the Empty Stretch store. If you would like more than one, please just change the quantity. Below are the first two postcards that will be going out.

Postcards can be purchased here.

Lancaster, OH
Richwood, WV

1,000 Faces

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We’re no strangers to Kickstarter-funded projects at Empty Stretch. Earlier this year, readers like you helped us fund our first ever photo book TWENTY/12 and subsequent Petty Thieves #1.

Friend of Empty Stretch and faculty member at the Corcoran College of Art + Design, Dennis O’Neil is combining photography and printmaking to produce a project called 1,000 Faces. Hear what Mr. O’Neil has to say about the project and how you, an integral part of his process, can help make it all happen.

By altering photographic imagery through innovative and experimental printmaking methods, I am creating unique multidimensional prints that are challenging not only the traditional view of what a screen-print is but how they are made and their evolving relationship to digital media and others of art that rely on photographic material.

I am currently working on a project called “1,000 FACES” that involves a variety of people, including artists, William Christenberry, Renée Stout, Tom Green and David Chung as well as international artists such as Russian, Leonid Tishkov. All of these prints will reflect my collaborative approach.

See some of the examples above. Look on Dennis’ Kickstarter page to view more of his art, find out more about 1,000 Faces, and how, as a backer, you become a participant as well.

Flash Forward Festival 2012

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At this very moment, Empty Stretch is headed up to the 2012 Flash Forward Festival in Boston. Nate was lucky enough to be asked by Larissa Leclair of the Indie Photobook Library to help go through the collection and curate an awesome selection of 250 photobooks to be on display during this years festival. The library will be up June 8 – 10 and you should make it a priority to swing by and say hello. We even have some copies of TWENTY/12 ($25) and Petty Thieves #1 ($4) for sale and while supplies last a super awesome Flash Forward Festival goodie bag for $30, which includes TWENTY/12, Petty Thieves #1 and some kickass zines. First come, first serve and even if you’re not looking to buy anything say hello, we have plenty of stickers that need to be stuck. Below is just a small fraction of the books that are going to be present at the festival and some personal favorites out of the iPL collection:

Anywhere But Here by Alex McTigue

How Terry Likes His Coffee by Florian van Roekel

Nowhere’s Home by Jordan Sullivan

As I Was Following You by Michela Palermo

Four Years, Three Deaths, Sweaty Armpits, and a Fetus by Sarah Carlier

I Thought You Knew Where All Of The Elephants Lie Down by André Príncipe

Not Many Kingdoms Left by Jeff Luker

February 2012: Guns by Tammy Mercure


TWENTY/12 by twelve awesome photographers!

That’s just a sampling of the 250 that will be on display and if you can’t make it up to Boston this weekend then you can see everything you’ll be missing here.