Mediations #1-4

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Empty Stretch is proud to announce our new zine series, Mediations! The series came to being as we met many wonderful photographers over the past year and have always enjoyed hearing the personal elements and stories behind the works we love. In fact, we loved them so much we thought we ought to share those stories with the world through a small well thought-out zine.

Mediations One: Where’s The ‘æ’ Key? by Nathaniel Grann – Take a look through the land of the Danes, as Grann mixes some of his own personal writings and images with that of the wonderful Hans Christian Anderson.

Mediations Two: Have You Ever? by Theo Erbenius – Follow Erbenius throughout his travels, as he relates his imagery to his own personal struggles. A trip of self reflection and running away from the things we fear most.

Mediations Three: My Country by Ahmed Hayman – Hayman delivers a personal depiction of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution through his understanding of the historical events within the context of what it means to Egyptians, like himself. MABROUK!

Mediations Four: In Arms Reach by John Edmonds – Finally, Edmonds presents us a look into the Parisian lifestyle that one doesn’t typically find. The series goes beyond the normal bounds of diary photography, leaving the viewer demanding for more of the beautiful and relaxed imagery Edmonds presents.

Even Olive can't keep her paws off them!
Even Olive can't keep her paws off them!

All four zines are sold as a bundle at the low price of $18 which includes shipping and handling within the United States. International orders are available but please email,, to set up the order.

Purchase here.