Cara Harman’s series “Morning Blues” for me reads like the quiet transition scenes between big events in movies. These soft landscapes just before a character has a break through or break down. In here own words:

“Morning Blues” came around when I felt like I needed a photographic change of some sort. At the time I was only shooting black and white, and was beginning to lose my motivation to shoot for some reason. For class at Art Center College of Design, I usually had to wake up very early (before 6am) just to get there on time since my commute was so far. On my way there I started making little pit stops up and around the hill to take pictures of the surrounding landscapes in the rain and fog. This became a frequent thing and soon I realized how much I enjoyed shooting during these early mornings. It was something about that calm, blue, foggy low-light atmosphere that had me in a trance. The project soon developed into road-trips that I would plan out, and awakened a new sense of adventure in me. 

Please find more of Cara Harman’s work on her website.