Petty Thieves Four

Happy New Year everyone! It seems 2014 is already going to be a good one and we’re thrilled to keep this train moving with the announcement of who will be included within our newest Petty Thieves project – Petty Thieves Four: Coast to Coast. Check out the artists and their work below:

Dale Rothenberg, Amber Carter, Aaron Canipe, Uliana Bazar, Michel Nguie, Sam Stockman, Jason Rusnock, Matthew Mili, Arista Slater-Sandoval, Pommelien Koolen, Adam Revington, Fiona Palmer, Jordan Swartz, Michael Ast, Maria Windschüttel, Jon Stars, Brittany Marcoux, Tammy Mercure, Emilia Olsen, Chris Berntsen, Dave Driscoll, Marco Micceri, Steven Turville, Julie van der Vaart, Jani Zubkovs, Emmanuel Rosario, Rosaline Shahnavaz, Brian McswainIsabelle Evertse, Piotr Sokul, Nathaniel Grann, Julianne Popa, Aoife O’DwyerV. H. Hammer, Chris Suspect, Frank Hallam Day, David Collier, Ian C. Bates, Byron Barrett, Matthew Swarts, Ahmer Inam, and Brendan Megannety.

Special thanks to everyone who submitted their work for this one, and please keep an eye out for pre-order information and a possible projection show featuring a wider edit of the Coast to Coast submissions in the near future.

In other news, Petty Thieves Number Three was selected by Larissa Leclair, founder of The Indie Photobook Library, as one of her favorite photobooks of 2013 for Photo-Eye’s annual end of the year lists! Still hard to believe that one, but we know we couldn’t have done it without all of the support thrown our way over the past few years. So thanks again and we promise for a ton more good times in the coming months.

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