At this very moment, Empty Stretch is headed up to the 2012 Flash Forward Festival in Boston. Nate was lucky enough to be asked by Larissa Leclair of the Indie Photobook Library to help go through the collection and curate an awesome selection of 250 photobooks to be on display during this years festival. The library will be up June 8 – 10 and you should make it a priority to swing by and say hello. We even have some copies of TWENTY/12 ($25) and Petty Thieves #1 ($4) for sale and while supplies last a super awesome Flash Forward Festival goodie bag for $30, which includes TWENTY/12, Petty Thieves #1 and some kickass zines. First come, first serve and even if you’re not looking to buy anything say hello, we have plenty of stickers that need to be stuck. Below is just a small fraction of the books that are going to be present at the festival and some personal favorites out of the iPL collection:

Anywhere But Here by Alex McTigue

How Terry Likes His Coffee by Florian van Roekel

Nowhere’s Home by Jordan Sullivan

As I Was Following You by Michela Palermo

Four Years, Three Deaths, Sweaty Armpits, and a Fetus by Sarah Carlier

I Thought You Knew Where All Of The Elephants Lie Down by André Príncipe

Not Many Kingdoms Left by Jeff Luker

February 2012: Guns by Tammy Mercure


TWENTY/12 by twelve awesome photographers!

That’s just a sampling of the 250 that will be on display and if you can’t make it up to Boston this weekend then you can see everything you’ll be missing here.