Empty Stretch has decided to come out of hiatus to announce a new grant aimed towards photographers and visual artists who have historically been overlooked, marginalized, and underrepresented in the artistic process – i.e. those individuals who do not identify as cisgender, white men. We feel strongly about this attempt to do our part to help bridge that gap, and hope to build this grant over the coming years. For this interpretation, we are looking for a black-and-white and primarily visual body of work, which the artist feels could work in a zine format. The recipient of the grant will work with us to make an edition of 100 zine of their work. Submissions will be open for the entire month of December, and it is free to enter. More information can be found below, as well as a link to the submission form.

Who can enter?
This grant is open to all individuals who do not identify as cisgender white men.

What are you looking for?
There is no theme for this grant, but the work should be in black-and-white and primarily visual based (including, but not limited to, photography, photographic collage, cameraless photography, etc.). Accompanying text and non-photographic work is allowed to be a part of the series, but the artist should consider if the work is right for the zine format.

What does the recipient win?
The winner will work with us in the production of an artisanal zine. The final product will be between 20 – 40 pages, a saddle stitch zine in an edition of 100. The recipient will be given 15-percent of the production run, while the rest is distributed and sold through the Empty Stretch network to fund the production and overhead of future grants.

How do I enter?
Find the submission form link below. Please include all required indicated fields on the form. Please submit a URL to where the proposed series or body of work can be viewed. We can not consider downloadable links; your images must be viewable online in some form or fashion. Private galleries are accepted as long as proper viewing instructions are included in the submission form “Additional Comments” section. Please also include a short personal bio, as well as an artist statement about the work.

Who will decide the recipient?
At the moment, Empty Stretch’s founding members, Aaron Canipe, Jordan Swartz, and Nathaniel Grann, will decide the recipient of the grant. We hope that as the grant builds, we can begin to bring in industry professionals to assist with future judging.

When will the recipient be announced?
We hope to complete the judging in early January 2017, with the winner announced in late January or early February. Depending on the production schedule, we hope to release the zine by mid-2017.

Do I retain copyright of my work?
Yes. Empty Stretch claims no ownership over submitted and the recipient’s work. By submitting for the grant, Empty Stretch asks for the right to use submitted work in promotion related to the grant through our social media outlets and press related materials. All work used in that regard will be properly attributed to the artist.

Submit Here